White Collar Fraud

Convicted Felon, former CPA, and former Crazy Eddie CFO Sam Antar speaks out about white-collar crime





Selected Media Videos

Former Scam Artist Says Bitcoin a Criminal Magnet

March 07, 2014: Former Crazy Eddie’s CFO Sam Antar gives insight into Bitcoin. - Fox Business Varney & Co. with Stuart Varney

Sam Antar on Herbalife, multi-tier marketing, and pyramid schemes

Febraury 4, 2014: Erin Ade talks to convicted fraudster and white collar criminal expert Sam Antar about dodgy accounting, accounting fraud and Ponzi schemes. Antar casts a discerning look in particular on Herbalife, the multi-billion dollar nutritional supplement distributor, now accused of being a pyramid scheme by hedge fund manager Bill Ackman, as well as other multi-tier marketing companies. - RT News Boom Bust with Eric Ade

Wall Street Greed and Fraud

June 6, 2013: Tommy Belesis of John Thomas Financial is being targeted by regulators, reports CNBC's Andrea Day. CNBC's Andrea Day reports. According to the complaint, brokers were even subject to physical threats. - CNBC Power Lunch


Does Financial Industry Attract Career Criminals?

April 4, 2013: Former Crazy Eddie CFO Sam Antar and Sadisa and Goldberg’s Ron Geffner debate whether the financial industry attracts white collar criminals. - Fox Business MONEY with Melissa Francis


Retired Fraudster on the ABC's of Financial Fraud and why it's Easier than Ever!

August 2, 2012: Remember 'Crazy Eddie,' home to the one of the largest securities frauds uncovered during the 1980s? The criminal CFO, Sam Antar, who helped mastermind the scheme, said he did it for fun and profit, and if he had not been caught, he would still be doing it today. What does this mean for the bigger picture about what is happening on Wall Street? The bad and arguably criminal actions at firms that helped cause the financial crisis have gone largely unpunished. We talk to the former Crazy Eddie CFO, Sam Antar, about it. - Capital Account with Lauren Lystra, RT News


Sam Antar: Green Mountain fudged its numbers - Decoder (2:48)

May 14, 2012: Sam Antar, who was convicted of fraud but is now a corporate watchdog, says Green Mountain inflated its inventory numbers in exactly the same way he did as CFO of Crazy Eddie. He claims a government investigation will uncover what he thinks is fraud. - Reuters

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JOBS act is fraud made easy: Sam Antar

April 13, 2012 - Felon Sam Antar who pleaded guilty to fraud charges on why the JOBS act signed by President Obama will make criminals smile. - Reuters


April 20, 2011: Special Report: From Hannibal Lector to Bernie Madoff by Matthew Goldstein - Reuters (web link, print link, video link)

Video: Crazy Eddie vet on finding white-collar scammers

"Profiling white-collar criminals is a difficult task as fraudsters are skilled in persuasion, lies and deceit, former Crazy Eddie electronics store CFO Sam Antar says"

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